by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — On the heels of an hour-long special on the Redskins name controversy, an ESPN poll, admittedly “nonscientific,” has revealed one player currently on the team believes the name should be changed.

To date, no player has come out publicly against the name, while on the Redskins roster. Not even close, really.

Although, former Washington tight end Fred Davis joked, at one point last season, the teamĀ could change the name to the “Fredskins.”

ESPN’s poll, presumably anonymous, sampled 51 Redskins players, asking the question: “Yes or no: Do the Redskins need to change their name?”

Of the respondents (24 declined to answer the question), 26 (or 51 percent) said the Redskins should keep the team name. Of those who declined to respond, “a handful” said it was “up to Dan Snyder or team president Bruce Allen” to decide on the name’s fate, according to ESPN.

A separate poll of 286 NFL players — excluding the Redskins — were asked the same question, with 167 (58%) saying the team should not change its name. In the same poll, 119 NFL players (42%) said the team should change the name.


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