Suppose fantasy football was around in the days of slingin’ Sammy Baugh, Redskins fans. Would he be worthy of a coveted first-round pick in your draft? What about Sonny Jurgensen or John Riggins?

We’re about to find out!

We’re taking a modern trip in a way back machine and using a bare-bones fantasy points system to score five Redskins legends in their best season. Please note that not every statistic kept today was used when a lot of these guys were playing. So, we’re keeping it simple.

Scoring System

  • 6 points per rushing or receiving TD
  • 6 points returning kick/punt for TD
  • 4 points per passing TD
  • 2 points per rushing or receiving 2 point conversion
  • 2 points per passing 2 point conversion
  • 1 point per 10 rushing or receiving yards
  • 1 point per 25 passing yards
  • -2 points per interception thrown


Sammy Baugh

For the sake of this exercise, we’re going to use Baugh’s most prolific statistical season, 1947.

Passing Yards: 2,938
Points: 117

Passing TD: 25
Points: 100

Interceptions: 15
Points: -30

Rushing Yards: 47
Points: 40

Rushing TD: 2
Points: 12

Total Points: 239

Sunny Jurgensen

Flash forward 20 years from Baugh’s big year and you have Sunny’s brightest season in the NFL, 1967.

Passing Yards: 3,747
Points: 149

Passing TD: 31
Points: 124

Interceptions: 16
Points: -32

Rushing Yards: 46
Points: 4

Rushing TD: 2
Points: 12

Total Points: 257

John Riggins

Statistically, Diesel had his best year in 1983 and, like Hulkamania, he would have run wild over fantasy competitors.

Rushing Yards: 1,347
Points: 134

Rushing TD: 24
Points: 144

Receiving Yards: 29
Points: 2

Receiving TD: 0
Points: 0

Total Points: 280

Art Monk

Even though Monk set the bar for all Redskins receivers to follow, he’s not looking a good first-round investment. These numbers are from his biggest season, 1984.

Receiving Yards: 1,372
Points: 137

Receiving TD: 7
Points: 42

Rushing Yards: 18
Points: 1

Rushing TD: 0
Points: 0

Total Points: 180

Mark Rypien

We’re using the Super Bowl winning 1991 season here, obviously.

Passing Yards: 3,564
Points: 142

Passing TD: 28
Points: 112

Interceptions: 11
Points: -22

Rushing Yards: 6
Points: 0

Rushing TD: 1
Points: 6

Total Points: 238

Clearly, someone with a lot more time on their hands could dive deeper and use more in-depth stats. But this gives you a rough idea of how they’d stack up today.

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