by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) —  Washington Nationals bench coach Randy Knorr — who famously used golf and beer to cope with not getting the manager’s job last offseason — explained the superstitions he’s kept up through the team’s ten-game winning streak.

Baseball players, as you may know, are notoriously superstitious beings, and the focus on their daily habits are generally heightened during streaks which positively affect the team.

But team coaches are no different, it appears.

Knorr revealed his personal game-day routine while discussing what it’s been like to watch the team’s sensational hot streak with 106.7 The Fan’s Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier on Thursday.

“I just think I have the best seat in the house. You can’t have a better ticket than mine sitting in that dugout,” Knorr said. “And I do disappear and eat sunflower seeds and beef jerky all day, too.

“Is that the go-to during the game?” Paulsen asked. “Do you have a routine, like certain innings or certain snacks, or how does that work?”

“Oh my gosh, it’s ridiculous,” Knorr admitted. “I put tobacco in, start of the game, and if the pitcher gives it up I gotta throw it out, and then I eat seeds the rest of the day. If we get hot – if I’m eating seeds and we’re hitting pretty good, so every time we hit, I’ll eat seeds; if I have a dip in, every time we hit — if we hit that inning — I put a dip in every time we come to hit. I could go on forever.”

“Just sacrificing for the team over there, Randy,” Rouhier joked.

“It is a big sacrifice,” Knorr agreed.

The Nationals extended their streak to ten games during their Thursday matinee game against Diamondbacks, with the help of a throwing error by D-backs’ third baseman Jordan Pachecho, which allowed Denard Span to cross the plate for the game-winning walk-off run.

As the streak continues, it seems more and more strange storylines have unfolded. Take manager Matt Williams, and his challenge with F.P. Santangelo to revive his Babe Ruth impression, for instance.

Regardless, the streak has been spectacular to watch, whether you’re a Nationals fan or just a baseball enthusiast watching in passing.

One can only hope it continues, and wonder what other strange tidbits may surface if it does.


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