by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Nationals fans will have to wait a little longer to see Matt Williams trot around the bases with a pillow tucked under his shirt, by the sounds of his post-game press conference on Thursday.

Thanks to a throwing error by D-backs third baseman Jordan Pachecho, which helped Span cross the plate for the game-winning run, the Nationals were able to extend their winning streak to ten games.

And at ten games, Williams became indebted to Nationals TV color analyst F.P. Santangelo, who extended an early-season challenge to the Nationals manager.

If Washington won ten straight at any point this season, Williams agreed in principle to revive his renowned Babe Ruth impression, a video — dating back to his playing days in 1991 — of which surfaced on the internet months back.

“So when are we doing this?” MASN reporter Dan Kolko asked Williams after the game.

“Well, as in any situation with games or any of that, timing is important,” Williams said, before stopping with a ‘what?’ to acknowledge the laughter in the room.

“Timing is ultimately important, so I wouldn’t imagine that right now is a proper time,” Williams said. “It’s probably not appropriate, but in some form or fashion, at some point, probably in the privacy of some stadium, somewhere, we’ll bring it out again. I don’t know when that will be.”

“Okay,” Kolko said. “We gotta make sure our cameras are there, though.”

“Well. Yea, a camera,”  Williams assured.

“I guess are you looking forward to it, though?” a reporter asked.

“You know I haven’t done it since the last time I did it,” Williams said. “But a promise is a promise, and so at some point, somewhere. I can’t tell you when that will be, but at some point. And you and I are gonna get to be real close friends. Because if you let this out of the bag. At some point.”

Of the ten game streak in particular, Williams said, “Anything’s possible. In this game especially, anything is possible, so, you make the promise, you gotta live to it. So it will happen somewhere, somehow.”

There you have it. Nationals manager Matt Williams will revive his Babe Ruth impression for camera, in the privacy of some stadium, somewhere, somehow.

Just not right now, because that wouldn’t be appropriate.


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