by Chris LingebachBy Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — ESPN’s fantasy guru Matthew Berry — an admitted Redskins fan, and noted name omitter — has projected Robert Griffin III to be a “top five” fantasy football quarterback, on the condition he plays all 16 games in 2014.

Appearing on ESPN’s Olbermann Thursday night, Berry was asked to project the type of fantasy season he expects for Griffin to have,  by show host [Keith] Olbermann.

Berry’s response was as follows:

“I love Robert Griffin III this year. I love him as a quarterback, love him in fantasy. You mentioned it. Last year, as bad as the season went for Washington, still 15 fantasy points a game for RGIII. Now he gets Jay Gruden. Great offensive system. Jay Gruden made Andy Dalton — Andy Dalton – a top five fantasy quarterback last year. Andy Dalton is not as good a quarterback as RGIII, and certainly in fantasy because the running that you get from Robert Griffin. Adding DeSean Jackson, adding Andre Roberts – people forget about that – getting a full season of Jordan Reed – he’s healthy – along with Pierre Garcon. I would argue that the weapons that RGIII has are as good as any team in the NFL, certainly right up there, top five. And a team that’s gonna be throwing a ton? With not a great defense? If RGIII plays all sixteen games, he’s a top five quarterback.”

Looking beyond fantasy football, to real football, Berry’s projections, which mirror others’ (get to that in a minute) perhaps speak to whether or not experts expect Griffin to rebound from his horrendous 2013 knee-braced season, to look more like he did during his 2012 Rookie of the Year campaign, in 2014.

Here were Griffin’s fantasy numbers his first two years in the league, from

*2012: 317.50 points

*2013: 213.02 points

Huge drop-off.

For a slightly different scoring system, here’s RotoWorld’s assessment of Griffin’s play, along with his projected point total for 2014:

their projection for him in 2014:

*2012: 352 points

*2013: 244 points

*2014: 325 (projected) points

Can anyone besides Robert Griffin III possibly dictate the season Robert Griffin III will have? No.

But experts can project, and sometimes experts are correct in those projections. If Griffin meets those projections, Redskins fans can enjoy the return of the RGIII they fell in love with in 2012.

And hey, Berry’s not alone in his assessment, either.

Unfortunately, DeSean Jackson didn’t fair so well in Berry’s projections.

Olbermann: But, you just mentioned DeSean Jackson. He’s on your ‘hate’ list, even though he helps Griffin, but he doesn’t help himself or you from getting him?

Berry: Right. ’Hate’ in quotes. We just talked about ADP (Average Draft Position). I think DeSean Jackson, a great NFL player, love him on Washington – that’s my team – but I think his value is too high. People are valuing last year when he had 9 touchdowns, when he had 82 receptions. If you look at him traditionally, he’s a big play guy. He needs big plays to have fantasy value, and those are inconsistent. Prior to last year, he never had more than 62 receptions, and the two previous seasons, he had less than 9 touchdowns combined. Like he’s, he’s only had two years of 9 touchdowns.  Otherwise, it’s like 6 and 4 and 2. He’s not a big touchdown guy. And going on a team with a lot of weapons, I think Pierre Garcon leads that team in targets, one of the top two guys in targets last year in the NFL, Garcon, there’s a connection there. So while he helps the rest of the value of Washington by, you know, by dragging safeties with him and going deep, I just don’t see him having the same kind of year he did last year, on Washington.

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