by Brian McNally

RICHMOND –Redskins president/general manager Bruce Allen said on Tuesday that his team has about $2 million of salary-cap space remaining as the season draws near. That could lead to some difficult decisions as final roster spots…

“That is close,” Allen said. “Obviously, we’re going to have some injuries during the year that will eat that up. We’re going to make those adjustments and look at different options after the third preseason game.”

No word yet on what those options are. Allen spoke to reporters at the close of the team’s annual training camp in Richmond.  Allen praised the city of Richmond for hosting the organization for three weeks. It was the second year in a row the Redskins have held camp at the Bon Secours training facility.

“We’re going to have a meeting like we did last year, go through all the department heads, try to figure out how we can try and do it better for the team and for the fans,” Allen said.

Allen said the team has discussed whether appearing on the HBO program “Hard Knocks” – an annual look at training camp for one NFL team each August – is in its best interests, but without a consensus yet. That will again be discussed in the future. The NFL usually brings up the topic at its spring meetings. As usual, fans shouldn’t hold their breath on that happening.

Allen said he was in favor of another joint practice as the team did with the Patriots this month. That worked because New England wanted to get away from its home facility and the two teams were scheduled to meet in Washington on Aug. 7 anyway. Whether the Redskins can find a similar fit next season is up in the air. Washington coach Jay Gruden has already said he is reluctant to travel that way during camp.

According to a story in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, local food vendors and businesses have been disappointed with the economic benefits of training camp. That was one of the selling points that got the Bon Secours facility built.

“We did include people inside of the gates this year, some new local vendors, and I hope they did well,” Allen said. “I haven’t got the sales counts on the outside. It is part of the traffic flow, and I appreciate the people in here when we tried to adjust the parking and we’re going to adjust that again next year and hopefully that will work out better for [media]. But also it’s the traffic flow coming into the gates where I think some of the vendors don’t get all the traffic coming in, and we’ll look at that. We want it to be great for everyone.”

Allen also addressed confusion over his role in the replay booth. Gruden mentioned Allen would be involved in that process before Thursday’s preseason game against the Patriots.

“I’ve always been up in the coaching booth. That’s where I watch games,” Allen said. “If I see something, I’ve shouted out to the coaches who are on the headset to make sure he gets the message. It’s a fun atmosphere up there when we’re waiting for replay and people are wanting to know if his hand touched in bounds or out of bounds. So I’ve done that before, and it’s really working with the coaches up there.”

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