by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — NFL reporter Jason La Canfora has been on steady Washington Nationals troll patrol this summer, picking up where he left off Monday as Washington and Baltimore concluded their initially rain-delayed Battle of the Beltways series.

This latest occurrence of heavy trolling arrived by way of some La Canfora originals, and some very guided Retweets, bringing a whole new wave of ‘we’re too good for you’ to Twitter amid the background of a budding baseball rivalry. For the previous round, read here.

After having a highlight reel of his trolling tweets read back to him, La Canfora was asked about his intentional mockery Friday morning on The Junkies.

“See, I don’t know if that’s trolling, I think there’s a lot of truth in that,” La Confora trolled harder.

“You like tweaking the Nats fans?” JP of the Junkies asked.

“It’s a rivalry, isn’t it? I mean, have some fun with it,” La Canfora replied.

An even more dubious allegation was on the horizon, though — which perhaps extends beyond the realm of general sports fandom, to speak to the level of one’s sportsman character — when he was asked to verify if he was, in fact, previously a Red Sox fan, before reallocating his allegiance within the AL East, to become a fan of the Baltimore Orioles.

Close your eyes, blind homers. His response will horrify you.

“I was an O’s fan for a good period of my life,” La Canfora said. “I was about 12-, 13-years-old and I fell in love with Ted Williams, and read [Williams’ autobiography] My Turn At Bat and the [John] Updike stuff and everything else. I became a huge Ted Williams fan, and I definitely was a Red Sox fan for a period of my life, moved back to Baltimore, had kids, started taking them to O’s games, and I was like, ‘This is silly.’ It was great, I loved it — I was a die-hard Red Sox fan — but I’m back in Baltimore, we’re at Camden Yards all the time, my whole family’s O’s fans, my kids are asking me about O’s players all the time, so yea.”

“So you had a brief affair, a brief dalliance?” Cakes asked.

“It was a good, I would say from like age 14 to … it was more than a fling, it was probably a good 20 years,” La Canfora admitted. “It wasn’t like here today, gone tomorrow.

“Jason La Canfora’s leading a double life as a baseball fan,” Cakes jabbed.

“Dude, trust me, it’s weird,” La Canfora said. “I detest the Red Sox now.”

Back to the Nationals trolling.

“But you really enjoy kind of tweaking the Nats fans,” JP said.

“I have some fun with it, I do,” La Canfora came clean.

Oh, you’ve seen merely his opening act. To close the show, La Canfora trolled on when asked for his thoughts on Nationals slugger Bryce Harper.

Brace yourselves.

“I think there’s an awful lot of hype,” La Canfora said. “It just seems like the perception of him doesn’t match the reality, if you just look at the last 18 months. And it’s unfortunate that so much of it is injury-related. I don’t know. It just seems like there’s a mini Bryce Harper crisis every couple of weeks. And if you’re really a phenom, I don’t know that that’s the case. You know, like, there’s no controversy, really, about Mike Trout. I guess Manny [Machado] had a little bit there. Some of it’s immaturity, and these guys come up so young that I think it’s difficult.”

“Yea, I mean, dude, I’m from Baltimore,” he said. “Like people are gonna pretend that there’s not a little thing between Baltimore and Washington, and that D.C. is just so above the fray, then why do people get so pissed when I tweet about the Nats? If it’s so insignificant and it doesn’t matter at all, and it’s completely one-sided, then why do people get all up in arms about it?”

How long will it be before Jason La Canfora turns on your team, too?


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