by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Daniel Snyder spoke to ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” with regard to his Redskins team’s controversial name, telling John Barr “the name really means honor, respect.”

While the full piece doesn’t air until Sept. 2, after the Redskins final preseason game, ESPN has aired portions of Snyder’s interview. Here’s a quick summary of his most recent thoughts on the name.

On ‘Lone Star’ Dietz, the team’s first coach, and Walter ‘Blackie’ Wetzel, the former president of the National Congress of American Indians and chairman of the Blackfeet Nation, helping design and approve the team’s logo, Snyder said, “It’s just historical truths, and I’d like them to understand, as I think most do, that the name really means honor, respect.”

“We sing ‘Hail to the Redskins,’” Snyder said. “We don’t say ‘hurt anybody.’ We say ‘Hail to the Redskins, braves on the warpath, fight for ole’ D.C.’ We only sing it when we score touchdowns. That’s the problem, because last season we didn’t sing it quite enough as we would have liked to.”

Asked ‘What is a Redskin,’ Snyder responded, “A Redskin is a football player. A Redskin is our fans. The Washington Redskins fan base represents honor, represents respect, represents pride. Hopefully winning. And, it’s a positive. Taken out of context, you can take things out of context all over the place. But in this particular case, it is what it is. It’s very obvious.”

Watch the video here.


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