by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — The New England Patriots arrived in Richmond for their joint Training Camp sessions with the Redskins on Monday, bringing together two marquee NFL franchises, leaving the possibility for monster headlines.

It didn’t take long for Redskins fans to be familiarized with the terse manner in which Patriots head coach Bill Belichick conducts his press conferences.

Belichick addressed media first-thing Monday, and was asked by one reporter what Skins’ quarterback Robert Griffin III could stand to learn from watching veteran Tom Brady take the field.

“I’m not worried about what his influence is on him,” Belichick responded, via Mike Jones of the Washington Post. “I don’t really care about that.”

Fair enough.

The full quote, coach speak included, so no feelings are hurt:

“I don’t really know,” Belichick said. “You’d have to ask them that. I know Tom’s goals are the same as everybody else’s here. With the Patriots, we want to come in here and run our plays, again, seeing different match-ups, make the adjustments we need to make, try to improve as a team,  work on some situation football. We’re just gonna work on some basic fundamentals and we want to improve in all those areas, and that’s what each and every one of our players should be doing no matter what level of experience they have or don’t have.  And as I said, the same  thing for the coaching staff.”

“I’m not  really too worried about what his influence is or anybody else’s influence is on anybody else,” he would add. “I don’t really care about that.”

Belichick’s sentiment seems to be one shared with Griffin, who was asked if he’d spoken with Brady today.

“It’s not really time to watch him like we’re at a zoo,” Griffin said, via Brian McNally.

Alas, as the dog days of the summer sports calendar wind down, and baseball season begins to blend with football season, what better joy to experience than the arrival of Redskins headlines, smashing into robotic Hoodie pressers?

Listen to the full Belichick press conference below.


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