by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — A few months back, Kevin McCarthy’s review of ‘Noah’ was mocked by Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show,” for its odd ‘artistic liberties taken’ word choice used to describe a movie based in biblical times featuring extra-human acts of God.

Kevin — who’s now verified on Twitter, is a full-time entertainment host for Fox 5, locally, part-time for Fox News, nationally, and who’s even recently been given his own television specials — took Stewart’s mocking in stride, as he always does.

On Sunday night, he was ribbed by another night-time television host. This time, it was John Oliver taking a poke on HBO’s “Last Week Tonight.”

Well, it wasn’t actually a poke at Kevin, really. In reality, Oliver merely used Kevin describing Thailand’s ‘Crown Prince’ Maha’s anger with HBO and Oliver, over its mocking of Maha, with Kevin being the launching pad for Oliver’s next shot.

Footage via Fox News Morning:

“Thailand. You may remember a few weeks ago, we talked a little about Thailand’s buffoonish clown prince and his miniature poodle, called Foo Foo – two things that I would argue, are objectively funny,” Oliver set the scene. “However it turned out this week, that Thailand’s aggressive military government may not agree with me.”

Fox 5 clip rolling, Kevin says, “John Oliver is upsetting one government. Officials in Thailand are worried about Oliver’s activities, and think he may be a threat to its monarchy.”

“Oh sh**! Okay. Okay. Okay,” Oliver braced for his response. “I will say this: If I can bring down your monarchy, you have, at best, a wobbly monarchy.”

After rebroadcasting the clip, Good Day DC hosts Steve Chenevey, Allison Seymour and Sarah Simmons would go on to discuss how odd it is, rising early in the morning, waking up to a string of texts from friends about being spotted on HBO.

Kevin McCarthy: Entertainment reporter and professional conduit to international media feuds.

Watch the segment below. View more of Kevin’s work over at Fox 5.


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