LANHAM, Md. (WNEW) — It was hot outside, but winter came and went this summer at the University of Virginia, which offered a ‘Game of Thrones’ English course during its summer session.

The 24-person class examined the work of fantasy writer George R. R. Martin, both in the form of his A Song of Ice and Fire book series and the HBO show based on it.

“Topics to be discussed include characterization, geography, racial and cultural allegory, resistant conclusion and promiscuous identification,” the course description says.

A report in UVAToday says students had to create a new chapter of the saga for the final class project.

“There’s a lot of detractors who say [‘Game of Thrones’] is not really worthy of academic attention, so I think in a way the class legitimizes it for us,” Alexandria Shofe, a fourth-year English major, told UVAToday. “All the stuff we’ve read on it says it’s breaking out of fantasy’s literary ghetto.”

Another student said the class topic illustrates the importance of TV and movies in modern culture.

“As society progressed, books became the things everybody turned to talk about,” fourth-year English major Madlyn McAuliffe said. “But now it’s television and film.”


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