by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — As Robert Griffin III continues preparation for his third NFL season, and first under first-time head coach Jay Gruden, Griffin elaborated on why he felt the need, this offseason, to reconnect with quarterback guru Terry Shea.

Shea had worked with Griffin ahead of the 2012 NFL Draft, in which Griffin was selected 2nd overall by the Washington Redskins, and this offseason, was helping RGIII to “get back to those basics,” Griffin told 106.7 The Fan’s Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier on Monday.

Before we move forward, remember way back in 2010, when Mike and Kyle Shanahan wanted to improve Donovan McNabb’s mechanics, 11 years into his career? At the time, many believed that to be the first sign of their contemptuous relationship to come, which would last just one season.

The Shanahan’s now out of the picture, Griffin wanted to get back to the basics, and the one guy he knew had his “best interest at heart” all along, is Shea, with whom Griffin says he worked “before some of the mechanical things that I was asked to change.”

“I called Terry because he was the guy that was there with me when I first came out, to get drafted and work on my craft,” Griffin said. “So he was a guy that I knew had my best interest at heart. And he knew what I looked like beforehand, before the injury and before some of the mechanical things that I was asked to change.”

“So I wanted to get back with him to get back to those basics, to get back to what I was doing at Baylor when I came out,” he said. “So that was a lot of fun.  He told me I got back to it real quick, within two days, and then it was just about making it muscle memory once again. And that came back fast as well.  So I’m excited about the results of what we worked on,  and I’m more than sure my teammates are as well,  because they got to see it firsthand  as I worked with them, each time I worked with Coach Shea.”

There was one other line for Griffin to draw in the sand, when he was asked about the one coaching holdover on the offensive side of the ball from the Shanahan regime — Sean McVay, who was promoted from tight ends coach to offensive coordinator upon Gruden’s hiring.

Here’s the direct question:

“Your offensive coordinator is barely old enough to rent a car,” Paulsen said. “He’s 28-years-old. Kind of a boy genius. Tell Redskins fans what they need to know about a guy who was a tight ends coach last year. A lot of people felt like — fair or not, Robert — because of how things went with Mike and Kyle Shanahan, that everyone involved in that offense just needed to be gutted if you were going to succeed. They kept a guy who was a Shanahan guy, in McVay, around, which you’re perfectly okay with. Talk about McVay if you would.”

“Oh, no, McVay is definitely a Gruden guy; don’t get that twisted,” Griffin corrected. “You know, he started out with Jon [Gruden] in Tampa, and he’s a guy that knows a lot of football, and he’s been around a lot of great minds, and he’s been able to adapt to any situation that he’s been in.”

“Positivity oozes off of this guy, and that’s a great thing,” he continued. “Before every game when he was a tight ends coach, I’d always made it a point to go talk to him, because I knew he was going to say something that was gonna get me ready to go. It’s great to have him as offensive coordinator.

“He saw me my rookie year and last year, and knows the kind of things that we can do as an offense, and what I’m able to do. And they also know, he’s preached to me a lot that the sky’s the limit, and there’s endless potential out there for this team. And that’s what we want to go accomplish; we don’t just want that potential, we want to make it a reality.”

Listen to the full interview below.


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