WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Does Russian President Vladimir Putin have a soul? Apparently not, according to Vice President Joe Biden.

In a wide-ranging interview with The New Yorker’s Evan Osnos, the vice president recalled the time he looked Putin in the eyes and told him he didn’t have a soul while he was visiting the former Russian prime minister at the Kremlin in 2011.

“I had an interpreter, and when he was showing me his office I said, ‘It’s amazing what capitalism will do, won’t it? A magnificent office!’ And he laughed,” Biden explained to The New Yorker.

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“As I turned, I was this close to him,” as Biden held his hand inches from his nose. “I said, ‘Mr. Prime Minister, I’m looking into your eyes, and I don’t think you have a soul.’”

“You said that?” Osnos asked Biden.

“Absolutely, positively,” Biden stated. “And he looked back at me, and he smiled, and he said, ‘We understand one another.’ This is who this guy is.”

Biden also told The New Yorker he won’t decide about the possibility of running for the White House in 2016 until after November’s midterm elections.

“Somewhere between a day and six or eight months after the congressional elections . . . it will be the issue, whether I’m in it or not,” Biden said.


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