LANHAM, Md. (WNEW) — After D.C. residents attempting to buy alcohol in a store in New Hampshire earlier this month were turned away because the state law there does not officially recognize Washington, D.C. identifications, the state’s liquor commission has released a clarification of the law.

The law RSA 179:8 says passports, military cards and driver’s licenses or photo IDs from U.S. states and Canadian provinces can be accepted as legal proof of age. D.C. and the U.S. territories are not mentioned.

Travis Mitchell, a member of the group that attempted to purchase the alcohol, told the Concord Monitor that he doesn’t fault the store clerk for obeying the law, but says it’s “bizarre.”

Joshua Bourassa, the customer service manager at the store, says employees have to refuse alcohol to three to four customers per year because they don’t have the proper identification.

However, in a statement released Monday, the New Hampshire Liquor Commission had this to say:

“Although the language of RSA 179:8 does not specifically reference Washington D.C. it is understood that the District of Columbia is the capitol of the United States. The Division of Enforcement and Licensing does not believe the legislative intent of the statute was to omit and thereby exclude the documents as acceptable forms of identification under Title XIII. Therefore, the Division of Enforcement and Licensing’s position is that Washington D.C.’s driver’s licenses and non –driver identification cards are acceptable for the purchase of alcoholic beverages.”


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