by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Recently re-signed Wizards center Marcin Gortat, who one day ago swatted away rumors that the Miami Heat were previously interested in his services — by saying he didn’t want to jump on the Lebron bandwagon — was doing a live radio interview when news broke that LeBron James would be returning to play with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Gortat, interviewing with 106.7 The Fan’s Bill Rohland and Danny Rouhier, was in the middle of discussing with hopeful optimism, Washington’s bright young future centered around stars Bradley Beal and John Wall, with himself solidifying the low post.

“It’s all about, now, commitment; it’s all about the sacrifices, and how badly we want to win, and how badly we want to perform,” Gortat was saying. “We just had 80 games, and imagine if we get to play another two, three years together. We can build something special.”

Show host Danny Rouhier let the Wizards big man finish his thought before interjecting, “Hey, Marcin, I hate to do this to you. We’ve got breaking news, though. Hang on for me for one second, okay? I want to get your reaction to this.”

After a quick ‘Breaking News’ alert sounded, the long-awaited news of LeBron’s decision was delivered to the listening audience, and the interview promptly resumed.

“So we bring Marcin Gortat back on,” Rouhier came back. “We found out at the same time you did, just now, buddy. What are your thoughts, there? What’s your reaction?”

Gortat rushed to gather his thoughts, after having digested the concept of the Cleveland Cavalier, a regular Eastern Conference opponent to the Wizards, now having a retooled lineup featuring Kyrie Irving and James, perhaps the best player in the NBA.

“Well, it’s a crazy news. Nobody could actually believe that he’s gonna go back to Cleveland,” Gortat said. “People obviously talked about that for the past few days. It’s weird. It’s weird. It’s definitely weird, I mean, what can I say?”

“I mean, Cleveland’s gonna have a great team now,” he further stomached the news. “They had a lot of talent, they had a lot of different pieces, and now having LeBron James is definitely gonna put them as probably one of the best teams in this league again. It’s a great and crazy story.”

Asked if LeBron’s decision immediately puts more pressure on his Wizards squad to re-sign Trevor Ariza, Gortat said, “Well, we all know that everything’s gonna start rolling right now. Everybody’s gonna start signing contracts, because everybody was waiting for the big guy, so LeBron is taken care of now. He’s off the market now, so other pieces are gonna start falling in the next few days.”

Listen to the sequence unfold live on the radio in the clip below.


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