WASHINGTON (CBS DC) — More than one in five Americans interpret someone who identifies themselves as Republican as someone who “supports wealthy/businesses/not for the people,” with 22 percent saying “conservative” and “right wing” are only in support of businesses.

Data released from a new AP-GfK survey finds that a majority of Americans have an either “somewhat unfavorable” or “very unfavorable” view of both the Democratic and Republican Parties. Less than one-third of respondents from all surveys had an even “somewhat favorable” view of either Democrats or Republicans.

And although a majority of Americans hold negative opinions of both parties, an overwhelming majority continues to take one side or the other.

Fifty-one percent of respondents said they hold an unfavorable view of the Democratic Party, with 62 percent saying the same about the GOP. However, 77 percent either identify or lean Democratic (43 percent) or Republican (34 percent). Thirty-four percent of respondents said they are “likely to vote” Democrat, 27 percent said they are “likely to vote” independently and 30 percent said they were likely to vote Republican.

In response to “What does it mean to you when someone says they are a Republican,” 21 percent of respondents said it means they support wealthy businesses and are “not for the people.” On the other hand, only 7 percent of respondents said that someone identifying as a Democrat would “support bigger government, more spending, negative budget mentions.”

Twenty-four percent associated “liberal/Left-Wing/Progressive” as markings of a self-identifying Democrat – the largest attribute. For Republicans, 22 percent associated “Conservative/Right-wing” to the GOP.


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