CHESTERFIELD, Va. (CBS Washington) — From razor blades to thumbs, there have been a number of items found in consumers’ foods and beverages across the country.  This time, it’s a pacifier.

A Chesterfield family found a pacifier floating in a five-gallon jug of Primo Water purchased from a Wal-mart on Parham and Brooks Road, NBC12 reports.

“It’s just gross,” said Lakesha Johnson, the mother who found the pacifier floating in the jug of water. “Where did the pacifier come from? Who had the pacifier in their mouth? Was it put their purposely? All these things are running through my head.”

Johnson’s seven-year-old daughter Keasja Johnson was equally as repulsed.

“I ran to the kitchen and I saw the pacifier floating up to the top,” she said. “I just felt disgusted.”

While most items such as the aforementioned razor blade can be easily spotted or found, finding the pacifier was not so simple and was not noticed until weeks after the family had already been drinking from the jug.

“Pushing the button for water you don’t see it,” said Johnson. “You don’t see it because it blends in with the water.”

The company has offered the family two free jugs of water and Bryan Laird, the Director of Water Quality at Primo Water, issued a statement.

“Thank you for your inquiry regarding a recent consumer concern. The quality and safety of our products is of the utmost importance, and we take all consumer concerns seriously.  Today (June 26), we received a photo related to a consumer inquiry in Richmond, Virginia that will assist in our investigation of this matter.”


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