by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — In the spirit of Thursday’s upcoming World Cup match between the U. S. and Germany, the Junkies requested their 22-year-old female intern, aptly named Paulina, to squeeze into a tight little Lederhosen German dress thing and bob for bratwursts out of a bin full of German beer.

You know, because soccer.

I guess it was a competition or something, because there was actually another (male) intern in the room, supposedly representing the Americans, or so I’m told.

Here’s a quick summary of the play-by-play.

“Paulina’s getting in there,” EB said. “They’re totally bobbing. C’mon! C’mon Paulina! C’mon Paulina!”

“You’re rooting for Germany?” JP asked.

“Yes! In this contest, I am!” EB declared.

Final tally of sausages consumed:

Ethan (United States): 13

Paulina (Germany): 12

Although the Americans defeated Germany in this contest, the results of which hopefully can be replicated on the soccer field (or pitch, or whatever) tomorrow, I think we can all admit, judging by the photo gallery, we’re all winners today.

Enjoy a few (hot) pics from the contest along with the audio and video below.

View the full photo gallery.

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