BOWIE, Md. (WNEW) — It’s been a few years since Six Flags America unveiled a new thrill ride at its Prince George’s County theme park, but that’s changing this week when the new Ragin’ Cajun roller coaster opens.

The ride has more dips and turns than meets the eye, says WNEW’s Cameron Thompson, who tested out the ride with the Ragin’ Cajun alligator mascot (video below).

“On top of the normal dips and turns of a normal roller coaster the car you’re in spins … and spins,” says Thompson, who went for a spin despite his fear of “spinny” rides.

Six Flags says that several factors go into how much spinning the car will do, so no two rides are the same.

“Micro-factors like weight, movement, and whether you wore high tops or running shoes today will all combine with velocity and acceleration to determine exactly how your car 360s around the course,” the park says in its description of the Ragin’ Cajun.

The “gravity-bending” ride is part of the new Mardi Gras section of the park, parts of which will open throughout the summer.

Check out the video footage of Thompson’s ride with the Ragin’ Cajun mascot:

WNEW’s Cameron Thompson contributed to this report. Follow him and on Twitter.


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