by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Surely by now you’ve heard there’s some controversy about town.

Look, I’m not here to take any official stance or anything, but rather solely here to report the news.

However, you’re likely to have an opinion. In fact, I’m sure you do.

The one certainty here, is whichever opinion you have, it’s probably impassioned to the point you’d either comment ‘this is inevitable, just get it over with’ or ‘OMG, please stop talking about it!’

Lurch is trying to decide whether or not he should have his dog, Luka, pee in his neighbor’s yard.

Lurch: They. Don’t. Care. About the yard. You should see the yard. Weeds everywhere, they never cut the grass.

Cakes: Does it get you bitter? That’s bordering your property, it’s gotta get you bitter.

JP: So wait a second. You have some sort of landlord that’s never ever been there, that just bought the house? Didn’t live there at all?

Lurch: The guy who lived there for a long time, that I knew – this guy Tim – was a really good guy, he moved. Sold it to this guy from Egypt who’s never been in the house, all he did was buy the house to rent out to people. And he rents to families, mostly Middle Eastern families, and this family from Syria, believe me, they don’t care about the yard. That’s what I’m gonna do. Luka has a new potty ground.

Cakes: They’re just happy they’re out of Syria.

JP: Will you at least do it kind like on the border? You’re not gonna go right to the middle of their yard, are you?

Lurch: Honestly, I don’t think they would care.

The Junks went on to throw out on impromptu poll, which was promptly cut short because there was like 10 seconds left in the show, which was promptly eaten up by a guy calling in with his ‘World Cup predictions.’

That’s where you come in.

Now that you’ve been given prior context, should Lurch allow his dog to pee in his neighbors’ yard?


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