by Kris Ankarlo

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WNEW) — A kayak tour may be the most laid back way to take in Annapolis, especially when you go out with an outfit like Kayak Annapolis.

“My wife and I moved here from Hawaii about 7 years ago and realized nobody was doing a guided tour of Annapolis by kayak, so we decided we would do it and here we are 7 years later, ” says Pete Vonderheide, owner of Kayak Annapolis.

The couple hasn’t just brought a kayak tour to Annapolis, they’ve also brought a laid-back attitude that results in an informative kayak tour that’s also easy going.

The two-hour tour goes out three times a day every week at 10am, 1pm and 4pm. The $65 tour leaves from Truxtun Park and paddles down Spa Creek. After a short break for snacks and a drink the tour continues across the harbor into Ego Alley before returning to their shop.

If you’re worried that this is going to be shooting through Great Falls on a spring day after a week of rain…don’t fear.

“One of our main goals is to introduce people to getting on the water in some way or another, and then hopefully moving forward after that,” says Vonderheide. “No experience is necessary, if you can keep your head above your butt, and tell your left from your right, you’ll be asking for a job application by the time we’re done.”

Also, don’t feel stressed about trying to predict the weather when you book a tour. Be ready to get wet, but you shouldn’t have to worry about freezing or getting drenched in a monsoon. They do have dry-bags for anything you may want to bring along that can’t get wet.

“We follow a very strict fun meter, and if it’s drizzling out and its warm out we might go out,” says Vonderheide. “But if its not going to be fun, if it’s too windy or if its in anyway not safe we don’t go out.”

As you see the sites from the water, you’ll get a healthy dose of historical commentary. There’s nothing boring about the history, they do a good job of keeping it entertaining and humorous. Although, paddling along the massive yachts and crowds around Ego Alley is pretty entertaining in its own right.

“You can sign up online or it’s a lot more fun to call our friendly staff and they’ll talk you through the reservation process,” says Vonderheide. “Obviously weekends are busier than weekdays so if you can play hooky from work and come out on a weekday it’s a lot more quiet and relaxed.”

There will also be less boat traffic on the weekdays, if you’re looking for a calmer paddle. But, there is something to be said for seeing the Annapolis harbor in full glory. That’s a big part of what brought the Vanderheits back to Annapolis.

“Oddly enough we’re from Pennsylvania, even though we met in Hawaii, and landlocked was not an option,” says Vonderheide. “And there’s aloha in Annapolis, so that’s how we ended up here…kinda by accident.”

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