by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — D.C. United soccer is quickly becoming must-listen radio, if for no other reason than announcer Frank Hanrahan’s hilarious play-by-play calls.

First, there was Hanrahan’s call in United’s 1-0 home victory over Sporting KC on Saturday, May 31, in which Fabián Espíndola scored an unexpected goal, which seemed to even catch Hanrahan by surprise in the 28th minute.

“Espindola. Espindola the chip-in, to the areaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa … a goallllllllll for D.C. United, in the 28th minute. You gotta wonder, was that intentional, or was he trying to bait the defense into thinking it was just a cross? In fact, it was just a beautiful butterfly of a touch that goes over the paw of [Eric] Kronberg. Unbelievable shot.”

Listen to that call here.

Then, there was last Saturday, in which Espíndola again had the opportunity to put D.C. United ahead, this time at home against Columbus Crew, but on a penalty kick in the 95th minute, in injury time.

Here’s a quick summary, via D.C. United’s website:

About four hours after Cesc Fabregas missed an early penalty kick in Spain’s 2-0 win over El Salvador, Fabian Espindola flubbed an injury-time PK that allowed the Columbus Crew to escape FedEx Field with a 0-0 draw on Saturday night in the nightcap of a Road to Brazil doubleheader.

“D.C.’s gonna take it. Here we go. Espíndola versus [Steve] Clark. Crowd’s on their feet. The left-footer. Espíndola, where will he go? The guy’s been clutch all year. Trying to break this scoreless tie. The approach, the shot!

“Oh, no. Ohhh, no. Espíndola with one of the worst penalty shots I’ve ever seen. He just chipped it right to the goalie. Did not make Clark move at all. Gonna be a long night in the Espíndola household. Oh my goodness. Shoulda cracked it. That’s probably gonna do it.”

Poor Fabián Espíndola. Hero one week. Goof the next.

You can watch the horrendous penalty kick below.

The Junkies also discussed Frank’s call Tuesday morning on the show. You can check that out in the video below, via @Ewadd1067.



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