by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — How difficult is it to imagine Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman playing any position besides third base?

Fans have been trying to wrap their brains around the concept of a guy who’s been the cornerstone of the Nats defense for the better part of a decade, taking the field at any other position, and they just can’t seem to do it.

Take one caller into the Junkies Tuesday morning, for instance, who stumbled through the mental musical chairs while proposing the notion of Zimmerman playing left field on a more permanent basis upon his expected return to the Nationals lineup Tuesday, after missing 44 games with a broken thumb.

“Put Bryce in right field,” said Josh in Reston.

“What are you doing with Werth?” Lurch asked.

“Hmm,” the called was stumped. “Maybe Bryce can play third.”

“Oh my God, you people are crazy!” Lurch exclaimed.

“This isn’t like softball,” producer Matt Valdez squealed.

“It’s obvious what is going to happen,” Lurch pleaded to reason. “When Harper comes back, if Zimmerman’s healthy, Zimmerman is going to play third base.”

A caller in a later segment theorized Zimmerman moving to left permanently, shifting Jayson Werth to center and flipping Bryce Harper to right field, leaving an infield of Anthony Rendon at third, Danny Espinosa at second, Ian Desmond at shortstop and Adam LaRoche at first base.

“So you want to take Span out?” Lurch asked. “Now, defensively Span is really good.”

“I don’t believe in Span anymore,” defended Chris in Alexandria.

“Well, you don’t believe in him offensively, but defensively he’s very good,” Lurch said.

Just to hammer that last point home, Span, who’s currently hitting .273 (.318 OBP), has exactly one fielding error on the season, and tallied zero errors (while hitting .279/.327) through all of 2013.

In summation, what should the Nationals do with Ryan Zimmerman, who’s played the duration of his 10-season career at third base, aside from the occasional DH during interleague play and 1 game at shortstop in 2005?

No one, if you’re asking radio callers, really seems to know.

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