WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Lurch has officially adopted the dog he fell in love with on the air, which he met last week when the Washington Animal Rescue League brought a few pups in need of a home into the Junkies studio, renaming the female Dutch Shepard ‘Luca.’

The news, first reported by WARL, has been confirmed by 106.7 The Fan.

Here are some quotes from Lurch on how he and his wife T came to the decision to ultimately adopt, rather than foster the dog on a trial basis.

“So we went down there, and of course the three dogs that they brought in on Wednesday, the last dog that we met was the Dutch Shepard,” Lurch explained.

“But there was something about the Dutch Shepard that I really liked,” he said. “I just like the coat. I like the temperament. I like the demeanor of the dog.”

Lurch, on bringing the dog home for the first time.

“Now look, when we  brought the dog home on Friday, okay, it had an accident in the house,” he said. “And we knew that was gonna happen, right? That’s the one part that I’m kind of fearful of, is the bathroom training. The potty training.”

“I think she’s been really good over the last couple days. We got her Friday, she’s had one major mishap in the house. But we’re kind of freaking out. Every time she eats something or every time she drinks water, we take her out like five minutes later.”

“What was the major mishap?” EB would ask.

“She poo’d right there in the living room,” Lurch said. LOL.

“She’s peed a couple times on the carpet,” he later added.

“But you should see this dog eat,” Lurch would go on to say. “I mean, I don’t know how often they fed the dog at the rescue league. Drab, you’ll know. When we put food in this dog’s bowl, she inhales the food. She doesn’t even taste it.”

More on the dog sitch:

Drab: Hey, what was the girls’ reaction when you came through the door with it?

Lurch: Well, you know my youngest daughter, we had to kind of tell my youngest daughter that we’re just fostering the dog, that we didn’t officially adopt it.

JP [laughing]: They lied.

Lurch: Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes. It’s a white lie. It’s a Reggie White lie.

EB: So you have like the one kid that was upset about it?

Lurch: Yes. I told you, she didn’t want to become emotionally attached to a pet. Now, over the last couple days…

EB: She’s warming up to it?

Lurch: Yes, but she still thinks it’s just a foster, it’s not an adoption. But it’s really an adoption.

There’s one final note to Junkies listeners, from Lurch, the consummate angler.

“Hey, if you work at a pet store, text me.”

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