WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Grant and Danny will be unveiling the most overrated and underrated players in professional American sports throughout the week, and surprise surprise, Eli Manning and Tony Romo found themselves squarely at the top of the ‘most overrated NFL players’ list on Monday.

The most overrated NFL players:

Eli Manning

“Couldn’t be more of just a guy,” Rouhier said. “Throwing off his back foot, spinning away from receivers, you hit him once, he turns into a stussy. This is a guy whose accuracy has gone down each of the last couple years, a turnover machine, whether it be via interception. ‘Oh, it’s his receivers fault, they drop a lot of passes.’ He is just a guy, benefited from a front four that was a lethal and devastating when they were going to the Super Bowls as any that has ever been assembled, only had to make a handful of plays per game, to his credit, made those plays. …

“He made  some plays in the Super Bowl and that’s great. Nice moments for Eli Manning. He couldn’t be more of just a guy. Well outside of the Top 10, in terms of somebody that can lead your franchise really and truly. As he’s made more money, they’ve had to let some players go; they haven’t had the same dominance; you have seen the regression to the mean of somebody that is overrated and a sourpuss from the beginning.”

Tony Romo

“He is just a stat compiler,” Paulsen said. “This is an entire category of player, anymore, in the NFL, and it is taking advantage of a system and statistics — most of the time I’m gonna put quarterbacks in this column…

“The games where he’s throwing 24 times, how’s he doing? Well, he threw for 210 yards, 0 interception game against St. Louis. Against the Redskins, as an example, threw 30 times, 18-of-30, 1 touch[down], 1 pick, went for 170. This is a guy who compiles numbers.”

Who’s more overrated?

The most underrated players:

Paul Posluszny

“Eighth season out of Penn State. Played for Buffalo and Jacksonville,” Paulsen said. “Is there an easier way to be underrated than being great for the Bills and the Jaguars? Paul Pozluszny is a man among children every time he steps on the field. Dude made 160 tackles, 9 defended passes, 2 pickles and 3 sacks last year. What a horse.”

Matt Forte

“I’ve got a guy that averaged 4.5, 4.9, 4.4, 4.6 yards per carry over the last four seasons, also managed to be north of 400 receiving yards each one of those seasons, a guy nobody wants to talk about when they talk about the elite running backs in the National Football League,” Rouhier said. “It’s Matt Forte. Nobody seems to want to bring up Matt Forte when they talk about the best backs. I ain’t saying he’s Adrian Peterson or even LeSean McCoy; all the guy is, is incredibly productive in a system where they don’t seem to want to run the football very much.”

Who’s more underrated?

  1. I agree on Romo 100%. But I disagree with Eli. He won 2 Super Bowls without a solid Offensive line

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