by Chris LingebachBy Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Bryce Harper may still be sidelined until July, but that hasn’t stopped him from unleashing his second national endorsement commercial in as many months, releasing a new spot for Rawlings Sporting Goods on Monday morning.

No screaming Harper-faced Gatorade balls piercing through the universe in this one, just Bryce solo on a palm tree neighbored baseball diamond, likely in Florida, demonstrating the intense offseason preparation necessary to “achieve greatness,” when “no one else is around.”

“Greatness doesn’t happen under the spotlight,” Harper narrates. It happens away from it, when no one else is around. Just you, pushing yourself, hard, fast, and all out. Every practice, every single play, because this is how the game is played. And it’s my time to play, and my time to achieve greatness.”

Harper can be seen wearing a red glove from Rawlings’ new “Heart of the Hide” line.

Watch the 30-some-odd second spot below.

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