by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — The Washington Redskins are feeling the fallout of a Twitter campaign gone wrong, with the weight of the entire politically correct side of the internet pressing back against them, leaving fans of the team, particularly those who have remained staunch supporters of its controversial name, left in the precarious position of feeling utterly defenseless.

One of those fans, 106.7 The Fan’s Danny Rouhier, reacted on his radio show co-hosted by Grant Paulsen on Friday, emoting that same sense of helplessness of having to root for a team that just can’t seem to remove itself from in front of its own PR warheads.

“I love the Washington Redskins, despite all of this: despite every injustice; despite how terrible they’ve been for this fanbase; despite the bilking, the forcing us to hand over cash hand-over-fist, finding a way to charge us in secret and both in public; suing fans, suing newspapers; trotting out a non-Native American on their propaganda show, passing him off as some sort of chief; trotting out four Native Americans that they bought coats for; the shamockery of their non-profit organization, where they try to use a more politically correct term than me, just to make sure that everyone knows how important it is to them; the buffoonery of these letters, the buffoonery that they constantly exhibit.

Despite all that, I still want them to win — I love the Washington Redskins. And if they win a Super Bowl, I guess I’ll forgive all this crap.

Here’s what keeps coming up in my mind, Grant. I am embarrassed. I hate being the national joke. The sporting world has turned its eye to Washington, D.C., once again, because my favorite football team is a clown show. This is a car in the middle of the circus, and a bunch of people are getting out with Benny Hill music. Why can’t they get out of their own way? Why can’t they have somebody that can say ‘no’ at a certain spot?

Here’s what happens, folks, and I’ll give you a tip behind the scenes. And I’ve never been there, I’ve never been in any of these meetings, but I know this: If you have a guy, a tyrant, a power-hungry billionaire who doesn’t hear the word ‘no’ ever, and whenever he does, he goes after that person and/or fires them from the building; when you have a naked emperor storming around that place making declarations about ‘How dare this guy write this about me,’ or ‘How dare the City Paper publish an editorial that says I’m not a tremendous guy. I’ll make up some anti-Semitic charges; I’ll drum up some charges that they made up my wife,’ in which they did not, by the way, what you have is somebody that you can’t so ‘no’ to, and that trickles down. You have insulated decision after insulated decision that looks so tone-deaf, and empty compared to what’s going on in the world.”

Listen to the rant in its entirety below.


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