WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — After more than two weeks of intense voting, the people have spoken and crowned Patrick Cannon “D.C.’s Best Sports Blogger.”

An intense vetting process of online submissions whittled the contest down to five finalists.

Those finalists submitted entries on a specific topic, the Redskins name controversy, then sold themselves on the air to Lavar and Dukes listeners.

Online voters have deemed Cannon worthy of a weekly column on 1067TheFanDC.com.

He was announced as the winner on the air. Listen to the uncomfortable exchange:

Read his winning entry below:

For me, this question is not about whether the Redskins should change their name or not. It is about the uniquely agonizing experience that comes along with being a Redskins fan. Somewhere long before U.S. Senators were writing letters about the Redskins name or Bob Costas was jumping on his soapbox and blasting us on National Television, it became painful to be a Redskins fan. Many moments along the way can be pinpointed but I see the team leaving D.C. for Landover as the approximate time when being a Redskins fan became a burden rather than a blessing.

Apparently enduring gut-wrenching losses in an unwelcoming stadium, located miles away from the city we represent isn’t enough. Nowadays being a Redskins fan means that the topic of conversation is not whether RG3 can ever develop his game enough to win a Super Bowl, or whether we have done enough this off-season to solidify our secondary, nope! Now we have the added bonus of getting dragged into conversations about cultural sensitivity, American history and racism every time we wear our team’s logo. We get to hear “Oh no, don’t change the name, Redskins is a term of pride and honor” in one ear and in the other, “Your team’s name is a racial slur for an oppressed people.” Not my idea of a relaxing Sunday being between those two.

So what is my answer to the name change controversy? My answer is that I don’t care. I am too tired from losing and debating to care. The entire topic is just another embarrassment on a national level. I miss having a unified fan base and a team to be proud of. Our owner is not changing the name until he is forced to. The change will happen eventually. We will evolve and learn to live with it but not before many more years of controversy and losing, both on the field and away from it.

You can read the other finalists’ entries here.


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