by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) —Baylor head coach Art Briles was open and honest Tuesday about dialogue he’d shared with Redskins quarterback Robert Grifffin III in 2013, and was equally forthcoming about another of his former players, Washington’s sixth-round pick Lache Seastrunk.

Seastrunk, selected 186th overall in this year’s draft by the Redskins, lacks the pass-catching experience Washington was believed to be targeting at the running back position, but Briles says that’s not for Seastrunk’s lack of talent.

“You could look through our history, and if our running back has 6 catches on the season, then he needs to write home and tell momma, ‘Hey, I had a great year catching the ball,’ because that’s about the max,” Briles said of Seastrunk to 106.7 The Fan’s Grant and Danny. “We got so many good receivers, and we’re such a good vertical team, that we’re not trying to dink and dunk, I mean, we’re trying to bomb and score.”

Briles on RGIII: ‘I Know What Burns Inside of Him’

In two seasons at Baylor, Seastrunk compiled 2,189 yards and 18 touchdowns on the ground on 289 touches. He caught just 9 passes — all in 2012 — for 107 yards and a touchdown.

“The thing that I’ve always learned — through, this will be my 36th year coaching, is — you can teach a guy to catch; you can kind of teach a guy to throw, but you can’t teach a guy to run,” Briles said. “So he’s got what you’re looking for. You want a guy to run, you want a guy that can make plays for you, teach him how to catch.”

Seastrunk was undoubtedly revered by draft analysts for his explosive speed, with which he poses a constant home run threat, but Briles did fairly warn that raw athleticism comes with a cost.

“He’s a little bit of a feast or famine guy,” Briles said. “He’s a guy that you gotta be willing to live with, because he’s liable to hit one for 85 [yards], but then he may get you a minus yard every now and then. So your personality’s gotta fit what you’re expecting out of that position. So what I would do is put him in a situation of where he definitely knew where he was supposed to go, what he’s supposed to do when he got there, and turn him loose and let him play.”

“Anytime you deal with phenomenal athletes, I mean there’s gonna be some feast and famine with them,” he said. “You just gotta roll the dice and let it go, and hope he gets you going.”

Seastrunk: ‘I Would Never Let Nobody Hit My Mom… Same Rules Apply To RGIII’

Listen to the full interview in the audio clip below.


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