WASHINGTON (CBS DC) – Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said that it’s a “worthless question” in asking whether an American politician has ever experimented with marijuana.

Speaking with ABC News, Rubio explained that in answering the question it is a lose-lose situation.

“Here is the problem with that question in American politics,” he told ABC News. “If you say that you did, suddenly there are people out there saying it is not a big deal, look at all these successful people who did it. And I don’t want my kids to smoke marijuana. And I don’t want other people’s kids to smoke marijuana. I don’t think there is a responsible way to recreationally use marijuana. On the other side of it, if you tell people that you didn’t, they won’t believe you. So it is just a worthless question.”

Rubio, who is a potential 2016 presidential candidate, explained that he wouldn’t answer the questions after a conversation he had following the release of his book, An American Son, where he wrote about his mediocre grades in high school.

“Someone came up to me and said, ‘You know, I enjoyed your book, but I want you to know, my son came up to me and said he doesn’t have to get good grades in high school, because look at Marco Rubio, he didn’t do well in high school and look how successful he’s been,’” Rubio shared with ABC News.

He also added that he doesn’t think people should smoke marijuana.

Rubio has been known to be an opponent of marijuana legalization and has stated in the past that federal drug laws should be enforced in states like Colorado and Washington where the drug has been decriminalized.

“And the bottom line is, I believe that adding yet another mind-altering substance to something that’s legal is not good for the country,” he told ABC News.. “I understand there are people that have different views on it, but I feel strongly about that.”


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