by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Moviegoers at the AMC Theater in Tysons Corner on hand for a midnight viewing of Godzilla rushed for the exits, after authorities say someone set off two soda bottle chemical devices Saturday evening.

Fortunately this local act of terror resulted in no injuries, but the fear induced by it was heightened perhaps because of the high drama in the movie during which the explosive devices went off.

Of the roughly 2,000 people evacuated from the theater and adjacent food court, included was Junkies producer Drab T-shirt, who provided eyewitness testimony to WUSA-9 TV following the terrifying experience.

“It was at a very pivotal part of the movie where a bomb could have gone off,” Mr. T-shirt informed TV reporter Nikki Burdine.

No one in the theater seemed to understand what was happening, and in fact, many thought the loud popping sounds were simply effects from the movie, that is until heavily-armed officers came storming into the theater in response of the explosions.

“Everyone said, ‘This isn’t normal.’ Freaking out,” Mr. T-shirt recalled. “And then people just started heading for the exits.”

Unbeknownst to Burdine, for T-shirt, who appeared remarkably unfazed in her report, this wasn’t his first brush with near death. Years ago in Arizona, he was held at gunpoint by Rayvon ‘Bob’ Cotton, who threatened to blow his head off, and who years later was sent to prison for allegedly blowing a man’s head off in broad daylight.

“We started making our way to the exit; we walked right through where the bottle was,” T-shirt continued to recount the nightmarish movie experience. “Now, it was on the ground, I looked down; it was a one-liter or two-liter bottle, and it was exploded, and there was large amount of liquid on the ground.”

Sadly, there was no time for Mr. T-shirt to take a quick butt selfie. Also sadly, there was no mention of any sports points gained from the experience in the police reports.

Watch Mr. T-shirt’s testimony below, via WUSA-9 TV.

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