by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — The Lavar and Dukes Show suffered an unfortunate disruption early into its broadcast on Friday, when a behind-the-scenes producer grabbed a balled-up piece of paper out of a trashcan and launched it at show host Chad Dukes, a Germaphobe.

To provide some context, Lavar and Chad often crumple up old trees and attempt to shoot them into the trash can across the studio as if it’s a basketball hoop. Lavar, a former professional athlete, clearly is much better at this.

But Chad’s not so bad either.

However on this day, after sailing one wide left of the ‘hoop’ (or wide right, I’m not really sure), Dukes would need a second attempt to bury the trash basket.

In scurried show producer Thom Daly to retrieve Dukes’ rebound, only, instead of grabbing the balled-up chunk most recently released from Chad’s hand, Daly grabbed another balled-up chunk from out of the trash can, and projected it in Chad’s general direction.

Here’s a play-by-play of what led Chad to his latest outburst:

“Give me another shot here,” Dukes said clapping his hands together in summons of the trashketball. “C’mon. Give me something else to start the show here with.”

[Daly tosses paperball from trash at Dukes]

“I don’t want the one out of the trash!!!!!!” Dukes screamed. “NO!!!!!!!!!!”

[Dukes (literally) throws a chair at Daly]


“Ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!” Lavar laughed. “You didn’t know he was a germophobe, man? That might be the funniest junk I’ve ever seen in my life!”

“Get the dump ready,” Dukes said. “You’re an a*****e!”

There’s no need to transcribe the full account, because there’s video.

Chad often says to me something to the effect of ‘It’s weird. I say crazy things on the air all the time, but once you see it in print online, it’s like it’s just more real.’

So funny, because it’s so true.

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