by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – There’s a horrible trick radio hosts can play on Xbox Kinect users that involves unexpectedly signing them out of whatever video game they’re playing, and it’s utterly hysterical.

This bit was first perfected by Sirius XM’s Opie and Anthony, modeled after a YouTube video featuring an Xbox user trolling other Xbox users in online play.

[NSFW Alert]

The user ingeniously named his gamertag “Xbox Sign Out,” making Kinect users (which operates on voice command) prime targets for his trolling tactics.

Basically, while engaging with other online users in “Call of Duty,” he’ll either obstruct the path of or fire upon his own teammates, causing them to shout something to the effect of “Move Xbox Sign Out!” in reaction, triggering the Kinect’s voice command operating system to sign the user out of his or her game.

Opie and Anthony recently employed this same tactic, sometimes abruptly announcing “Xbox Sign Out” in the middle of high-attention interviews, to troll whatever of their fans may be listening to their satellite show while playing Xbox online.

Fortunately plenty Lavar and Dukes listeners listen to their radio show from home while playing Xbox online as well.

Dukes: Xbox. Sign out.

[uncontrollable laughter]

Dukes: If you have an Xbox One and you’re playing it right now, you’re undoubtedly pissed and I probably lost you as a listener forever.

[long pause]

Dukes: Xbox turn off. Yes.

The final “yes” command is even more devious than the first, because after instructing the Xbox One to either sign out or shut down, a popup screen requests a “yes” or “no” confirmation from the user. If “yes,” the Xbox terminates whatever is running on the screen.

Listen to the hilarity play out in the audio clip below.

Lavar and Dukes would continue to toy with listeners throughout the segment, and with great success.

[Another NSFW Alert]

At least some of their listeners enjoyed it.


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