SUFFOLK, Va. (CBSDC) – Three pet goats were killed execution-style on a farm last weekend.

WTKR-TV reported that the Peacock family discovered their goats – Grievous, Bobbie, and Ethel — were all dead Monday morning.

“They’ve never seen anything as vicious as this,” Jill Peacock told WTKR. “They were all shot, same way in the back of the head. Ethel was found in here, so they probably cornered her in there and killed her there.”

The family has no idea who would do something like this.

“No reason, I don’t understand it,” Jeff Peacock, Jill’s wife, told WTKR. “Why would you want to go shoot something that’s not even bothering you?”

Jeff Peacock found the goats Monday morning when he went to feed them.

“It’s not uncommon to hear a gunshot, but people usually respect other people’s property and animals,” he said.

Jill Peacock said the goats were not a threat to people.

“They couldn’t run from these people,” she told WTKR. “They were in a fenced in area and these fold could get to them.”

The family owns Farmer Franks Farm Market and bought the goats for their three sons.

Jill Peacock said the goats were great pets.

“They all had personalities,” she said. “They all had a bond with the family.”

The Peacocks said the goats were killed for no reason and are looking for answers. They hope somebody comes forward with information as to what happened.


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