by Chuck Carroll

LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC) — The Wild Thing went a little wild while coaching his son’s little league game in Maryland over the weekend.

Former Major League pitcher Mitch “Wild Thing” Williams was ejected from a 10-year-old Cal Ripken League tournament game after going ballistic at an umpire.

A caller to the Sports Junkies, whose son was playing on the opposing team, confirmed much of the report by Deadspin. She claims to have video of the entire incident and says the Williams is a jerk.

According to that report, Williams dropped an f-bomb or two while chewing out the ump in front of the kids and onlooking parents. Williams was fired up about a number of calls, including a rally-ending close play at the plate. Naturally, as a pitcher, he also had an issue with a few balls and strikes throughout the game.

The caller said Williams began chirping at the ump early in the game.

The minor arguments eventually culminated in the big one that lasted five or six minutes and got him tossed.

After being ejected, Williams refused to leave the field for a while, according to the site.

As the caller points out, when a person is ejected from a Cal Ripken League game they are typically banned for the entire weekend. However, Williams was allowed to coach the next day.

It should be noted that the umpire was also reportedly sent packing after the game.

Williams tweeted that problems began in the first inning when the umpire yelled at him. The former pitcher said he was eventually thrown out for laughing about a call and that the umpire threatened to fight him, saying to “pick a time and place.”

He’s confident the video will clear his name.

As for why the caller feels Williams is a jerk, she says he was stealing signs from the catcher while coaching first base. He then relayed stolen information to the batter.

Apparently, Williams was ejected from his daughter’s youth basketball game after arguing with a ref in the past.

The baseball team coached by Williams is from New Jersey.


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