(TiqIQ/CBS) – In the first round of the NBA Playoffs, the Washington Wizards had one of the most expensive ticket averages on the secondary market. According to TiqIQ, only the Raptors had a higher average price for home games on the secondary market. Although there were high averages, the cheapest tickets were available for the secondary below the lowest listed face value. As the Wizards will return to the Verizon Center for Game 3 against the Indiana Pacers, the discount is still available on the secondary market.

Washington is one of four teams to have the cheapest secondary market ticket below the lowest listed face price. The Miami Heat, Indiana Pacers, San Antonio Spurs are the other three teams. The Wizards have the biggest discount in price from face value to the secondary market. The cheapest ticket available at face value is $139.85, but the cheapest secondary market ticket is only $79, a difference of 44%.

The average price of Wizards playoff tickets has also fallen below the average price from the first round. The average price from Round 1 was $316.84, but have now fallen below the $300 threshold for a $278.76 average for Round 2 home games.

History for the Washington franchise hasn’t been kind for the past 30 years, but after beating the Chicago Bulls in five games, there is a lot of excitement for this young team. Led by top picks John Wall and Bradley Beal, the Wizards seem like a likely team to make the Eastern Conference Finals. They certainly got a lucky draw in the Second Round. They’re facing the struggling Indiana Pacers, a team that needed seven games to beat an Atlanta Hawks team that finished the season below .500.

The Pacers have had the cheapest tickets available in this postseason. Part of that is being in a small market, and the other part is how much they’ve struggled to end the season. The cheapest tickets at face value are only $24.95, and that drops down to $17 on the secondary market for a difference of 32 percent.

Spurs playoff tickets have the second biggest discount below face value. Despite averaging $406.76 for the series, the most expensive average in the Western Conference, the low secondary market price of $32, 41 percent below the lowest listed face price of $54.07.

The final team with a price drop on the secondary market is the Heat. The Heat has long been favored to win the East and return to the NBA Finals. With the struggles of the top seeded Pacers that seems even more of a foregone conclusion. But first they have to get past a Brooklyn Nets team that swept them in four games during the regular season.

Heat playoff tickets have the highest secondary market average in the postseason at $442.60. In fact, the next highest on the list is their second round opponent, the Nets at $423.74. Still, the Heat have tickets on the secondary market available below face price. The cheapest ticket the team has at face value is $71.90. While the secondary market has a discount of five percent, for the cheapest ticket of $68.

With a win in Game 3 and a 2-1 series lead, the Wizards could see both of these discounts disappear. If Washington is able to win the series against Indiana, Wizards tickets could be the most expensive in the league for the Conference Finals.

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