Speed Camera Tickets Down Sharply In D.C., Up In Montgomery County

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LANHAM, Md. (WNEW) — The capitol area’s three largest regions generated more than $105 million in revenue from speed cameras in 2013. But officials are going to have to stretch the funds moving forward as the number of tickets issued from the automated cameras is falling in many jurisdictions.

Ticket revenue has plateaued in Prince George’s and Montgomery counties in Maryland while taking a steep dive in Washington, according to figures obtained by AAA.

Cameras in the District issued 125,461 fewer camera-generated tickets in 2013 than the prior year. The decline resulted in a revenue falling from $78,826,683 in 2012 to $75,713,666 last year. A much sharper drop is forecast for 2014 with far fewer drivers receiving fines, which typically range from $50 to $300, for exceeding the speed limit by 11 miles per hour or more.

As of mid-March, only about 59,000 speed camera citations totaling $10,800,000 had been issued in the District.

Washington, D.C. Statistics

Fiscal Year 2012
Citations: 707,412
Revenue: $78,826,683

Fiscal Year 2013
Citations: 581,951
Revenue: $75,713,666

Fiscal Year 2014
(through March 19, 2014)

Citations: 58,916
Revenue: $10,828,574

In neighboring Montgomery County, the number of tickets issued and revenue increased slightly last year. The county issued 451,972 tickets with fines totaling $17,024,017 in 2013. A year earlier, 330,901 citations totaling $14,082,058 were issued.

The county is on pace to post another increase in 2014.

The rise can partly be attributed to the community of Olney which is home to just 3.5 percent of the county’s residents, but responsible for 18 percent of camera revenue. The community’s seven speed cameras yielded nearly $3 million in fines last year.

Montgomery County Statistics

Fiscal Year 2012
Citations: 330,901
Revenue: $14,082,058

Fiscal Year 2013
Citations: 451,972
Revenue: $17,024,017

Fiscal Year 2014 (through March 12, 2014)
Citations: 214,614
Revenue: $6,692,118

Prince George’s County officials saw the number of tickets increase to 360,548 in 2013 from 339,802 in 2012. Following suit, the county’s $13,112,169 citation revenue was up from $8,441,577 a year earlier.

However, as is the case in Washington, officials say drivers are beginning to slow down as the number of infractions committed in Prince George’s County is predicted to drop by more than 140,000 this year. The county is also on pace to generate $3 million less in revenue from the cameras.

Prince George’s County Statistics

Fiscal Year 2012
Citations: 339,802
Revenue: $8,441,577

Fiscal Year 2013
Citations: 360,548
Revenue: $13,112,169


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