WASHINGTON (WNEW) — A new smart gun that only its owner can fire is stirring up debate.

The gun, made in Germany, requires that users wear a radio-controlled watch to fire it. As soon as a Rockville, Md., gun store owner announced plans to sell the smart gun at his store last week complaints came flooding in.

“Things went crazy,” gun store owner Andy Raymond told CBS News. “People just started calling. All three of our lines were just boom, boom, boom. A hundred emails. I mean, just like that.”

Callers threatened to burn his business to the ground and that he would get what was coming to him.

Some gun rights supporters are even opposing the sale of this new smart gun citing that it could eventually make this technology mandatory in all weapons.

Raymond decided to back down on selling the gun at his store announcing his decision not to sell it in a video on Facebook.

“So anyway, obviously I received numerous death threats today. I really [expletive] appreciate that, it’s really [expletive] classy,” Raymond said in the video.

Lee Williams, an investigative reporter for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune who writes a gun column, told CBS News that opponents see the smart gun laws as a back door way to ban guns.

“I don’t know anyone who wants a smart gun,” Williams shared. “If you require only smart guns to be sold and only smart guns to be possessed, the guns that they own now will be declared illegal and it could be a further intrusion on their 2nd Amendment rights.”

A New Jersey law would eventually require all handguns sold in the state to have similar technology. Also, Democrats in Congress have proposed federal legislation like this.

Technology like that of the smart gun won’t disappear and some opponents say that it’ll be likely that sooner or later laws will change.

“The technology isn’t going away,” Raymond explained. “If people want to defeat it they need to defeat it in the free market. Then don’t buy it.”

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