LANHAM, Md. (WNEW) — An American man was busted by a K9 at Dulles international airport when he tried to sneak in over $24,000 in his luggage after declaring several times that he had much less.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office of Field Operations seized $24,789 from a U.S. citizen Monday for violating federal currency reporting regulations. The man, who arrived on a flight from Qatar, declared possessing only $8,000, according to officials.

While proceeding to leave the federal inspection area, a CBP enforcement officer led his partner, CBP Currency Detection K9 “Nicky”, over to sniff the man’s luggage. Nicky alerted the officer, causing the officer to ask the man several times how much money he was carrying. He declared $8,000 each time.

While examining the passenger’s luggage, officers discovered an envelope containing $24,789. Officers seized the money and informed the man of how he could petition to get it back.

There is no limit to how much currency travelers can import or export. However federal law requires travelers to report to CBP amounts exceeding $10,000 in monetary instruments which includes foreign currency.

The man’s name will not be released and he was not criminally charged.

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