by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Long snapper Nick Sundberg inhaled helium from balloons to disguise his voice from Redskins fans live on the radio on Monday.

Sundberg was participating in a name-that-Redskins-themed game, which 106.7 The Fan’s Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier officially call “Mystery Redskin.”

It involves a given Redskin — in this case, Sundberg — not revealing his identity from the onset, then, through a series of questions, one-by-one fans attempt to guess which Redskins player with which they’re speaking.

The parameters are simple.

In attempting to pry enough information to reveal his true identity, fans, each allowed to ask Sundberg one question, also get one ensuing guess.

They cannot ask:

  • What college the player attended
  • What jersey number the player wears
  • What position he plays
  • What his name is

Everything else is on limits.

“Hey guys, I really appreciate you having me on today,” Sundberg said, revealing a curiously high-pitched voice.

“An extra, extra layer here, of our Mystery Redskin,” Rouhier said. “He went out and purchased helium balloons to further disguise his voice, and throw you, the mystery listener off.”

As fans guessed and guessed away through the duration of the game, through the phone you could hear the faint sound of Sundberg rustling up another balloon, from which he’d inhale, prolonging the helium-heightened pitch in his voice.

It took roughly four minutes and twenty seconds before Stephen in Ashburn correctly gauged Nick Sundberg to be the elusive voice at the other end of the line.

“It is indeed Nick Sundberg,” Grant Paulsen said. “Stephen, what tipped you off?”

“Uh. He would be the only one that would put helium in his mouth,” the caller answered.

Sundberg would consume five balloons-worth of helium through the course of the game, he would later reveal.

That’s some serious commitment.

Nick Sundberg commits to bits.

Listen in the audio clip above.


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