by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – The Wizards upsetting the Bulls in Chicago Sunday night not only flipped home court advantage back in their favor, but Washington’s unexpected 1-0 series lead pretty much throws a wrench in predicting the series outcome using any degree of conventional wisdom.

As of this morning, Vegas had Chicago favored to win Game 2 by 5.5 points, what’s more, with an over of 182 points, suggesting the game will play closer to the Bulls style — heavy defense, points totaling in the low 90’s — than that of the Wizards, who prefer to play in the 100-plus point range, which they reached in Game 1.

One basketball expert — Matt Moore, a writer for — predicts the Bulls to “blow out Washington” in Game 2.

“Can the Wizards pull this off again? Washington seemed to catch Chicago off guard in Game 1, but now the Bulls are against the Wall, so to speak,” Moore wrote. “They know they can’t go down 0-2, they’re at home, and they’re likely mad. This would seem like a situation similar to the Clippers-Warriors Game 2 scenario, in which the Clippers blew out the Warriors to make a point.”

In a video segment for, Moore seemed more partial to the Wizards.

“I like the Wizards more and more in this series,” he said. “I think they’re going to have the offensive firepower to knock off Chicago.  But, Chicago’s not going down 0-2 at home. That’s not happening. C’mon. It’s only a 5-point line.

Their defense is going to carry them. They’ll have the energy, the effort, the hustle that everyone loves so much. They’ll bring that in this game. They’ll take care of this one.”

It’s what Moore said next, which would suggest the Wizards are confident enough, in stealing a road game early, to let off the gas in Game 2, similar to the mentality which led the Warriors to getting blown out by 40 points against the Clippers on Monday.

“We saw what happened in Golden State-LA, where Golden State basically conceded, ‘Look, we got the split. We’re fine,’” Moore said. “I think you’re going to see the same thing here with Washington, where they understand ‘Look, we got the split. We’re fine. As long as we got the split going back to D.C., we’re good to go.’ That’s why I like the Bulls here. I think the Bulls win comfortably.”


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