WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., reveals in her new memoir that the White House asked her to be a “cheerleader” for the consumer agency she helped to created.

CBS News reports that the Massachusetts senator wrote in “A Fighting Chance” that an unnamed Obama administration official wanted her to serve as a “cheerleader” for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

“I assume that was meant as a metaphor, but I had to wonder: Cheerleader?” Warren wrote, according to CBS News.

“Would the same suggestion have been made to a man in my position? I did not rush out to buy pom-poms.”

In the memoir, Warren discussed how President Barack Obama would not head the consumer agency because she made Senate Republicans and Wall Street “very nervous,” according to The Boston Globe.

She described how she did not want to do the setup work for the CFPB, despite helping to set it up, because she would not be leading the organization.

“You’re jamming me, Elizabeth,” Obama told her during a meeting, The Globe reports.

After meeting with then Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, Warren recalled getting into an argument with him about not putting on his seat belt.

“Like a bossy third-grade teacher, I looked at him and said, ‘Put on your seat belt, Mr. Secretary,’” Warren wrote, The Globe reports. “Like a naughty kid, he looked back and said, ‘I don’t have to.’”

The White House did not comment about Warren’s book.

The former Harvard professor was reportedly paid more than $1 million for her book deal.


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