by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – If you’re a longtime listener of the Junkies, then you’re intimately familiar with Bruce The Hugger, the Junks lovable friend who may or may not be missing a chromosome.

Bruce had previously called into to the show on a whim, but a few years back as the radio station became more heavily formatted, he was limited to calling in once a week, with Thursday being the key designation.

Sometimes he has prepared zingers, spoon-fed to him methodically syllable by syllable so his brain can comprehend it clearly enough to relay it over the airwaves a minute later. Other times he just sings and twerks in the name of eating pizza.

And some days are better than others for BTH, as he continues to climb that unrelenting mountain of old age. This Thursday was one of those days, albeit only for comedic purposes, and not for finally, if only for a minute, clearing the cobwebs eternally clouding his more than likely decaying brain matter.

EB: Oh my God, Bruce! I think your face is hitting the phone. Be careful.

Bruce: Okay.

JP: Where are you?

Bruce: Mommmmm.

EB: You’re at mom’s?

Drab: No, his mom’s dialing.

EB: Is your mom dialing the phone?

JP: How’s she doing? Is she hanging in there?

EB: She can’t hear very well.

Yes, you heard (and read) that correctly. That was the sound of Bruce The Hugger’s 82-year-old mother repeatedly attempting to make a call from another phone in the house, as Bruce was making his weekly call.

With that in mind, feel free to listen to this clip again and again to get you through your day.

My gift to you.


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