by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Former Redskins receiver Antwaan Randle El can relate to the shock beset on Andre Roberts — when the Redskins signed DeSean Jackson, after Roberts signed under the impression he would be the Redskins No. 2 receiver — because the same thing happened to him in Washington in 2006.

Going into my situation, I wanted to be the No. 2 receiver, but I still don’t know how it’s going to work out,” Roberts recently told ESPN radio.

Asked in a follow-up what role he envisioned for himself, Roberts said “Well, I envisioned one thing, and then we signed DeSean Jackson, so I haven’t really thought about it too much.”

Shortly after signing in March, Roberts even went as far as to say Washington was ideal for him, “because they wanted me to play inside and outside.”

As Randle El notes, this possibly developing situation is eerily similar to the one eight years ago, when the Redskins brought him in to play across from Santana Moss, only to turn around and sign Brandon Lloyd afterward.

Randle El recalled the moment he found out, in an interview with 106.7 The Fan’s Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier on Wednesday, when asked if he could see the Redskins having a problem on their hands for springing a last-second role change on Roberts.

“Yea, that is a problem,” Randle El said.

“When I came in, I thought I was coming in as a two to go along with Santana after starting a full year and a half as a two receiver in Pittsburgh,” he said. “When I came over, they signed me and then turned around and signed Brandon Lloyd, or however it worked out, and what evolved out in camp. So I can understand where Roberts is coming from.

“But now that it’s set — you’re there and you’re locked in — there’s got to be some communication. You got to sit down and talk about what’s what and how it’s going to look. Are we gonna share some of this time? Or are we going to go with the three-wide receiver set all the time?”

It was then-Redskins offensive coordinator Al Saunders who would eventually play peacemaker, Randle El explained.

“That’s what Al Saunders tried to do a good job of making sure we were in the three-receiver set, putting me on the outside a lot,” Randle El said. “So that’s something they’ve got to communicate and talk about because it can be frustrating.”

“With this new era that they have — having a new coach, Robert [Griffin III] being healthy coming off the season and bringing all these weapons in — they don’t want have any conflict, any drama or anything in Washington,” he said. “If they can have a drama-free year — we say it every year — but if they can have a drama-free year, that would be big for them to come out this season.”

Randle El went on to explain it was the number of touches he would eventually receives to alleviate the problem. If the Redskins current situation were to play out in the same manner, it would be up to Robert Griffin III to ensure Roberts gets enough targets to keep him happy, as well as Pierre Garcon, Moss and Jackson.


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