Easing the burden of crunching numbers and cutting checks, here is a list of tax day freebies and a few other links that may assist you.

Tax Day Freebies

Extensive list of freebies and discounts compiled by Forbes, including free curly fries from Arby’s and two chicken dinners for $10.40 (get it?).

The USA Today freebies list includes free dinners, cookies, shredding, and even a massage.

How about free coffee at McDonald’s or a burger from Hard Rock Cafe? The Huffington Post lists some more tax day goodies.

Always looking forward, TrueCouponing.com has an offer for free coffee the day after tax day.

Rounding out the freebies, Kiplinger is offering everything from barbeque, to bagels, to office supplies.


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Post Office Locator
Note: The vast majority of post offices will not have extended hours.


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