by Chris LingebachBy Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – For one night, the Washington Wizards have a new addition to their lineup, having signed 10-year-old Amaris Jackson of Washington, D.C. to a one-day contract on Saturday.

Jackson may be distinctly younger (and shorter) than her teammates, but what she lacks in age and height, she more than makes up for with fearlessness, determination, and a killer jump shot.

She also has no shortage of confidence.

“I think I can take John Wall,” she spoke highly of her one-on-one prowess.

Aside from the Milwaukee Bucks tonight, Jackson, you see, is competing against Renal Cell Carcinoma. Pretty soon, she’ll have to undergo surgery to remove a tumor in her lungs.

But for now, she’ll play her favorite game, which she does quite well.

And she’s a natural-born leader, taking control during a pregame shootaround this afternoon.

First scouted by the Make-A-Wish foundation, once the Wizards got a look at Amaris on the court, they instantly knew they had to sign her, finally putting pen to paper moments before the game.

The Wizards adapted quickly to their smaller stature teammate.

Then, at around 6:55 p.m., the overhead lights in the Verizon Center dimmed, a spotlight lit the center of the court, and Amaris ran out to a roaring introduction from her adoring fans.

“I need you on your feet right now,” Rodney, the Wizards pre-game announcer prompted the crowd, “making noise for a special Wizards starting six!”

“At point guard, No. 10. Far and away the most beautiful point guard we’ve ever had here in the District. From Tacoma Elementary. Amarisssssssssssssss Jacksonnnnnnnnnnnnn!”

In any other arena, on any other day, Jackson may find herself overshadowed by the looming figures standing over her at Verizon Center. But on this night, in front of an arena of screaming fans, Amaris Jackson stood before them a giant.

Photos: The Wizards Warm Up with Jackson

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