WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – First lady Michelle Obama has some students angry because of the “smaller and healthier” school lunch portions that are being served as part of her anti-obesity initiatives.

Obama’s “Let’s Move!” campaign was designed to battle childhood obesity across the country by changing what kind of food is served during school lunches and by helping children become more physically active.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture released new rules that increased the nutritional quality of the meals served to children at school in 2012. The rules were to ensure that children’s lunches and breakfasts will have more vegetables, fruits and whole grains, along with less fat and sodium. They were established to also set calorie limits based on the age of the student being served lunch.

But now, students and parents are using Twitter to complain about what’s being served at lunch time.

One student sent the tweet below to Obama, stating that he would never forgive her for the meal.

A parent who decided to eat lunch with her daughter on March 24 tweeted about “sad” options available in the cafeteria.

Another student tweeted on April 3, sharing a photo with the caption “so this the healthy school lunch”…

One person responded to Clements Twitter post and said “our prisoners eat better than our kids in school.”


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