WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Radio host Glenn Beck ripped into the media “rat bastards” who reported on President Barack Obama’s health care enrollment announcement and called him a dictator.

“This is complete bogus. This is a complete bogus fairy tale. This is completely made up. This is nonsensical,” Beck stated. “The emperor has no clothes. And everyone in the press, you rat bastards, every single one of you know what he’s saying isn’t true. You know it. You know it.”

Beck’s rant was fueled by Obama announcing that 7 million Americans enrolled in the Affordable Care Act’s open enrollment window by the deadline.

“We’re watching a circus happening in our own country and we all know it,” Beck said.

Beck then proceeded to call Obama a dictator.

“This guy, you put him in a military uniform, I’m not kidding you, you put him on a balcony in a military uniform, this guy is a full-fledged dictator,” Beck said of Obama. “There has never been any president who’s ever done anything like this.”

Later in the broadcast, Beck continued his rant by stating:  “He’s a sociopath! He’s sociopathic!.”

Beck began to yell “that he is not going to pay attention to these people anymore” and that he is not going to waste his life. He stated he’s going to do what he was “born to do” and to “pursue his happiness.”

“My state of mind is great, cause I’ve had enough,” Beck concluded.


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