by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – If Sean Taylor was still alive, he would be 31-years-old today.

Six-plus years after the former Redskins safety was cut down, at age 24, in the prime of his life, it’s still difficult to fathom just how young he was, and what more he had to offer to the world.

Taylor will forever have a special place in the hearts of Redskins fans, both as a player who roamed the field commanding fear in receivers, even before delivering crushing blows, and as a young man who shied away from media, which cast a cloud of uncertainty over him about the depth of his character, which was vast, only to be revealed to many after his tragic death.

Fans and fellow athletes around the web remembered Sean Taylor on this day.

The passion with which he played the game has withstood the test of time, and continues to inspire others of all ages and walks of life.

One of those remembering Taylor Tuesday, was Louis Riddick, a former member of the Redskins scouting department, who reflected on ESPN at length about the continued impact Taylor has had on his life.


Riddick recalled one particular memory, in which he spotted Taylor running wind sprints, alone, the day before a game.

From Riddick on ESPN (view below):

“I said, ‘Sean, we’re playing in a day. What are you doing?’

“He said, ‘The games are easy. I’ve gotta get my work in before the games.’ And he was dead serious and he looked me straight in the eye, and then he got on the treadmill and did some more striders to cool down.

“I remember sitting there looking at him, and I remember thinking that’s exactly why this guy was everything I wish I could have been, and I wasn’t even close. But Sean would have been one of the greats of all-time. And he had the right mindset, and he was headed in the right direction.”

Here’s a collection of tweets, some fans, some players (past and present), remembering Sean on Twitter:

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