by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – As the Redskins are seemingly honing in on free agent receiver DeSean Jackson, the question lingering is how much the Redskins signing him would be out of need versus availability.

Jackson, an All-Pro receiver coming off the best season of his career – 82 receptions, 1,332 yards and 9 touchdowns – will likely command a high price tag, while the Redskins possess roughly $7 million left in 2014 cap space.

Another question one could ask, though, is who within the organization motivated the decision to go after Jackson.

For some context, 106.7 The Fan’s Grant Paulsen told the following story to the Junkies Tuesday morning, with regard to a story he’d been told by former Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan, about when team owner Daniel Snyder tried to force his hand into signing Randy Moss.

Although Paulsen couldn’t recall the specific year, given the details of the story, it was likely following the 2010 season, during which Moss played for three teams – the Patriots, Vikings and Titans, for a grand total of 28 receptions for 393 yards and 5 touchdowns – on the way to becoming a free agent.

Paulsen: So Shanahan, I remember talking to one time, about Dan Snyder and how much he’d changed. Remember when Randy Moss became available, going back a few years ago? I think it was after the Titans cut him or something like that.

The last time he signed with somebody, apparently Dan Snyder went to Shanahan and was like standing on the table, like, ‘You have to bring this guy in! We need Randy Moss!’

Cakes: When he had nothing left.

Paulsen: Correct.

Cakes: I mean, it was clear that Randy Moss had nothing left in the tank to offer.

Paulsen: And the way this story was told to me is, Shanahan was basically like, ‘No. He’s not good at football. He can’t help us anymore.’ And basically Snyder was like, ‘I want this guy!’ And Shanahan said, ‘No. Leave my office. We’re not doing this.’

Cakes: Like a petulant little kid, he said I want this!

EB: What year was that?

Paulsen: I’m going back probably two seasons. It was the last time Randy Moss was available. It was well after he’d been good at football for a couple of seasons. I guess my point is, I have absolutely full confidence in what you’re saying, that this is Dan basically saying this is what we need right now. This would be the move this offseason that reinvigorates everyone. Now all of sudden, you talk about their offense with Robert Griffin healthy, and they’ve got Garcon and Jackson and Roberts and Jordan Reed.

It’s also possible this could have been after the 2011 season (the entirety of which Moss spent as a free agent), or after the 2012 season (which Moss spent with the 49ers, catching 28 passes for 434 yards and 3 TDs).

One has to wonder if Snyder stood on a table in front of Jay Gruden and Bruce Allen, trying to convince them to sign DeSean Jackson, who would be a luxury for the Redskins at this point.


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